Next-Generation energy systems: How to advance the digitalisation of EU energy infrastructure?

In October 2022, the European Commission put forward its Action Plan to Digitalise the EU Energy System, containing measures to support digital solutions in this field, including the creation of a “digital twin” of the European electricity grid and a common European energy data space. The action plan aims to support energy system integration, the participation of professionals and consumers in the energy transition, and to ensure interoperability of energy data, platforms, and services.

On April 26th at the European Parliament, the Sustainable, Long-term investments & Competitive European Industry Intergroup held its conference on “Next-Generation energy systems “How to advance the digitalisation of EU energy infrastructure”.

During the event, speakers discussed how energy infrastructure can benefit from digital technologies to unlock the full potential of flexible energy generation and consumption in different sectors and enable more use of renewable energy. They highlighted the importance of digitalization and data-driven solutions to ensure that all actors in the energy system – including transmission and distribution system operators – are able to act together to make EU energy infrastructure more secure, resilient, flexible and sustainable. They stressed the importance of technologies like digital twins for TSO/DSO cooperation as well as the development of smart cities and future-proofing of individual infrastructure assets. Speakers also mentioned the need for the right incentives and regulatory framework to attract investments in digitalisation and empower consumers. Finally, it was also highlighted that EU Member States should take full advantage of digitalisation as they upgrade energy infrastructure through EU Recovery and Resilience Facility / REPower EU funding.

The event was co-chaired by Maria da Graça Carvalho & Beatrice Covassi, Members of the European Parliament and Co-Chairs of the Sustainable, Long-term Investments & Competitive European Industry Intergroup.

The panel discussion, moderated by Bernardo Matos, Director EU Government Relations, Bentley Systems, gathered:

  • Mark Van Stiphout, Deputy Head of Unit “Innovation, Research, Digitalisation, Competitiveness” at Directorate-General for Energy, European Commission
  • Norela Constantinescu, Head of Section Innovation, European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E)
  • Peter Vermaat, Secretary General, EU DSO Entity
  • Jorge Vasconcelos, Chairman of New Energy Solutions (NEWES), Invited Professor at the MIT in Portugal
  • Stefan Niessen, Head of Technology Field Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure at Siemens Technology and Professor at TU Darmstadt

Contact: Garance Galliaerde,