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The Intergroup serves as a forum on Long-Term Investment and Sustainable & Competitive Industry for MEPs. The meetings would be open to their assistants, EU institutions’ staff, and stakeholders including from the private sector. Meetings would be open to public as well as private actors, focussing on financial and industrial matters from an operational and public-interest perspective, providing the ground for a horizontal approach that is key to shaping European policies on those critical debates.

The Intergroup should play a key role in two interconnected areas: on the one hand, the growing debate on sustainable finance, a greener MFF & EU budget, and the implementation of the Sustainable Europe Investment Plan in the context the Green Deal announced by the Commission; on the other, stimulate discussions on the conditions needed for European industry to thrive and improve its competitiveness/leadership in the new green and digital economy.

To make it happen, the Intergroup will focus on:

  • SMEs and mid-caps funding
  • Economic infrastructures for sustainable transport, energy and communication
  • Social infrastructures
  • Social economy
  • Optimisation of funding channels
  • EU research & innovation funding
  • Innovation-led transformation of European industry.
  • European industry’s long-term global leadership
  • Societal challenges as future drivers of prosperity
  • Unleash the potential of the European Single Market

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