On Monday 7th of November, at the European Parliament, the Sustainable, Long-term investments & Competitive European Industry Intergroup held its conference on “European Sustainability Reporting Standards: obstacle or booster to filling the green investment gap?”. Chaired by MEP and Co-Chair Dominique Riquet and overseen by Alexandra Jour-Schroeder, Deputy Director-General of DG FISMA, European Commission, the event focused on how the sustainability standards are fit for channeling investments towards the green transition.


On Monday 11th of October, the Sustainable, Long-term investments & Competitive European Industry Intergroup in the European Parliament held its conference on “Supporting industrial SMEs in contributing to the Green Deal objectives Advisory services to SMEs as a catalyst for a green reindustrialization in Europe” in the offices of the European Long Term Investors Association (ELTI), rue Montoyer 51- Brussels. Chaired by MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho and overseen by Giorgio Chiarion Casoni, Director of InvestEU and financial institutions Unit, DG ECFIN in the European Commission, this event focused on the need of non-financial support to SMEs to unleash their capacity to innovate, prepare for future disruptions, and produce tomorrow’s goods and services in a more sustainable way, in a context where SMEs are both the backbone of the European economy, and responsible for around 60% of all corporate greenhouse gas emissions in the EU.


On Tuesday 12th of July 2022, the Sustainable, Long-term investments & Competitive European Industry Intergroup in the European Parliament held its conference on « How to mobilise investments in clean energy infrastructures ?». Chaired by MEP Dominique Riquet and overseen by Commissioner Mairead Mc Guinness, this event focused on the main obstacles to investment and the solutions to be brought from a financial, regulatory and political perspective, to meet the ambitious objectives of the EU Green Deal and reinforce the resilience of the EU in an increasing uncertain geopolitical context. The panel discussion was moderated by Rebecca Christie, Visiting researcher fellow at the think tank Bruegel.



The EU Taxonomy has been designed with a double intention: to facilitate the progress of environmental sustainability while boosting European industry competitiveness. However, there’s a risk that this unlocking system could turn out to be a barrier for many industrialists.


How can Horizon Europe (HE) programmes boost innovation and enable Europe to further strengthen its position as a global technology leader? This was the focus of the Sustainable, Long-term Investments & Competitive European Industry Intergroup’s latest event on 25 June sponsored by Orgalim – Europe’s technology industries, that brought together an exceptional line-up of policymakers and industry experts.


On February 3, 2021, a virtual conference of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on “Sustainable and long-term investment and competitive European industry” was held in the presence of Estelle Goeger, member of the cabinet of Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni.


On 30 April the Secretariat of the Intergroup informed about the establishment in February 2020 of the ‘Sustainable, long-term Investments & Competitive European industry’ Intergroup and called on financial organizations, NGOs and industrial associations to join as Partners of the Intergroup.


13 February saw the official launch of the new European Parliament Intergroup ‘Sustainable, long-term investments & competitive European industry’ – established by MEPs from across the political spectrum seeking to promote dialogue on the future of industry and long-term investment in Europe.