The activity of the Intergroup is to organise events with the presence of Members of the Bureau, or the Members of the Intergroup and interested Partners. The events can be organized by Partners through various formats (conferences, breakfasts, dinners).


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While the need to decarbonize European electric grids is no longer in doubt, the war in Ukraine has also highlighted the urgent need for achieving long-term energy independence. Any decarbonisation process will require a sufficiently high carbon price that increases over time. But huge public and private investments in low-carbon and renewable energy sources must be made quickly in addition. So, what’s holding back investments in decarbonised energy sources? How is that investments are not flowing faster? Towards what type of energy sources and infrastructures shall public and private investments be channelled? What criteria are being and should be used to make investment decisions: environmental, geographic, operational (national industrial know-how), political, economic or financial? How do infrastructure funds target their investments in energy infrastructure?


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